Vulcan Pickleball | A 2 Hour Video Shoot

We rolled up to the pickleball court at 5:30pm. It wasn’t going to be a difficult shoot, and we didn’t have to start until dark – 8:00ish – so I wasn’t too worried about the setup time. But we’d been eyeing a monsoon of a storm on the radar for the last few days, and it was supposed to roll in around 10pm. That meant we had 2 hours to get everything shot & packed back up before the rain hit. Only 2 hours. Realistically, 2 hours isn’t enough time, but the client needed to get this video knocked out soon, so we went for it anyways. I bought one of those game day pop up tents on the way there and prepped all my gear underneath it… I knew we’d be shooting until the rain started, so it was going to come in handy when we were tearing down (and it did).

I’ve learned, no shoot is without it’s challenges, and this one was no exception. We should have had all night to capture this one, but due to the rain, the shoot was reduced to 2 hours. I ran around for those 2 hours like a mad man, but all in all, the shoot turned out to be a ton of fun. Check out one of the 30 second edits we put together.


BTW, I did end up coming back to shoot more of the product shots later. Most of the reason we had to shoot that day was due to schedule conflicts with the players, so it made sense to put off some of the product shots until later.