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we elevate brands through high quality visuals


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flux is the action of flow


flow is a state of mind in which a person is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of an activity


about FLUX

Brad Fugere | Owner & Founder

Brad Fugere | Owner & Founder

what we do ::

We work with brands to elevate their marketing content through high-end video & photo creation.

our oxygen ::

We love creating gorgeous imagery & impactful stories.

How flux got started ::

FLUX was started in 2017 by Brad out of a want to do more than just freelance. Brad wanted to create something larger than himself – a team of artists with a love & thirst for creating the very best content & helping brands elevate themselves through high-end content.

About Brad ::

“I started video & photo back in 2012, about 1 semester into a music degree in college – I was sick of working towards something I was barely interested in & loved the idea of doing whatever I wanted. So I convinced my dad to help me buy a camera (Canon 60D) if I could pay him back later and started filming weddings to make money. Although I graduated college, I never had any formal training and would just google solutions to problems I encountered along the way. I never enjoyed college, but I loved learning about video & photo as I went along – I’m still to this day learning new things & pushing myself to be better. My goal with this whole thing is to push FLUX to become a large creative studio that operates just like a freelancer – always striving to stay relevant & create unbelievable content. As far as in my free time – I like to lift weights, I love to travel with my wife & chill with my dogs (2 dobies), and I consider myself an amateur connoisseur (because that makes sense) of fine wines & whiskeys.”


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